Journey to the Top of the Food Pyramid

After falling into a food coma, two spoiled siblings must climb up a magical pyramid to escape a dream world full of hangry food animals!

A 32-pg comic book story for readers who love high concept fantasy adventures, magical creatures, and food! A fusion of Alice in Wonderland and Spirited Away mixed with Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

Title: Journey to the Top of the Food Pyramid Book 1 Grain Chamber

Format: 32 pg comic with 60+ page comic book "recipe"

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure

Creative Team:
Christian Ochoa (Writing, Creative Directing, Editing, Concept Art, Graphic Design, Project Management)
Angelina Roman-Ochoa (Concept Art, Graphic Design)
Curtis Clow (Writing)
Rafael Sam (Concept Art, Linework)
Sarah Gavagan (Concept Art, Colors)
Michael Aromando (Concept Art, Layouts)
Toben Racicot (Lettering)

Story world

In this story the Food Pyramid is a magical floating pyramid that exists in a food comma dream world. Made of 5 levels, it is full of food creatures and sugar fairies. Each level will have its own book as the main characters work their way up the pyramid to find a way back home. The 1st level is the Grain Chamber. It is a huge space filled with mountains of ancient grains, pasta bugs, waffle slab ceilings, and breaded dragon columns! Beware the hot boiling lake!


(ANISE) 12 years old and very picky with their food, Anise is very cautious and is always annoyed that they have to take care of their little brother Basil. (BASIL) Basil is Anise's little 7 year old brother. They are a very energetic, over compulsive eater who loves animals.


(PASTA BUGS) Deep inside the first level of the Food Pyramid, the Grain Chamber, hundreds of types of Pasta Bugs live among the mountains of grains. Their job is to collect and organize the ancient grains.