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About Us

Cooking stories and sharing recipes is our bread and butter! We may be a small, independent publisher but we have a huge appetite for FOOD THEMED stories and high quality work. We specialize in cooking up creator owned comic books but are also experimenting with other story formats & mediums. Our books come with a "recipe" section that reveals the whole process behind the creation of the book, from conception to completion. We love the fusion of worldbuilding and food and we hope you're hungry for what we are serving up next!

-Buen Provecho!


Christian ochoa: Founder / creative director

Architectural drafter during the day and head chef of comicalfoods at night, Christian works as a creative director, writer, graphic designer, and concept artist. They are a Latinx creative entrepreneur with a passion for food and playing basketball!

Veronica Dolcich: Freelance Artist

Veronica is an artist & animator with a passion for storyboarding and 2D animation! She has worked on character designs, storyboarding, illustration and animation for comicalfoods.

Tyler Washington: Freelance artist

Tyler is a comedy/drama story board artist. Her work typically depicts themes about character relationships. She has worked on storyboarding and animation for comicalfoods.

jason piperberg: Freelance artist

Jason is an illustrator, comic artist, and storyteller. He has a passion for classic line work and mixing it with his flare for modern storytelling. He has worked on illustration for comicalfoods.

Contact us

info booth:

• How Do I Inquire About Multimedia Rights For Comicalfoods Books?

Please submit an inquiry by emailing us through our contact form.

• How Do I Get Permission To Use Images Or Copy From One Of Your Books?

Inquiries are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please submit an inquiry by emailing us through our contact form.

• Where Are You Based?

We are based in the New York Tri-State area.

Comicalfoods is NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING any unsolicited submissions. For legal reasons, any unsolicited submissions received will be deleted or destroyed without review or reply.

When we open submissions, we will announce that on our website and social media accounts! Thank you for your interest in submitting your project to Comicalfoods!

Mentorship Info: Christian offers 2 month mentorships when available. They are structured around a small comic book project to help you understand the different processes of self publishing from pre production ( Idea/pitch) , production (comic book script & art), and post production (book design).

Mentorship Project: A 6-8 page Comic (or excerpt; can be part of a pitch or larger story) from start to finish.

Contact Format: Email, Discord

Seeking Mentees who are: Artists interested in Self Publishing, writing & drawing a sci-fi and/or fantasy comic book and are open to trying out many different workflows. Must not be for school credit. Open to all applicants, but especially encourage marginalized artists. 

Application Requirements:
Email us through our contact form with a statement of your goals, what you're interested in learning, and a portfolio link.